Get Help from the Small Claims Pro!

Jonathan Kirk has represented clients in thousands of small claims cases in several Utah small claims courts. If you want help to achieve the best result in your small claims case, you need to talk with the Small Claims Pro.

Whether you need general help understanding the small claims process, serving someone that you don’t know where they live, identifying what you will need to bring to court, knowing what to expect on the day of your trial, or knowing how to collect a small claims judgment, Jonathan offers reduced pricing to help make legal representation in “the people’s court” more affordable to individuals and small businesses.

Jonathan offers affordable pre-paid 30-minute consultations. Click here to schedule yours. Jonathan will answer as many of your questions as time permits.

  • General and practical tips.

  • Know where to file your case.

  • Know what forms to use.

  • Know how to serve someone—especially if you do not know where they live.

  • Learn how to collect a judgment.

If we cannot address all of your questions in the 30-minute consultation, or if you decide that you want complete legal representation through the bench trial, you can schedule and pay for additional time. Jonathan’s hourly rate is $250.00/hour. But for a limited time, take advantage of the 50% discount ($125.00) for small claims matters.